Chris Dorsey for Richmond Sheriff


Uphold the U.S. and Virginia Constitutions.

All who violate the law including corporate officers and Government officials will be arrested.

Under the law, all power is vested in and derived from the people.

End the unconstitutional war on drugs.

The Richmond Jail will cease jailing those with non-violent drug charges.

Immediately reduce the number of inmates in Richmond Jail.

Only those who pose a threat to the people and violate the law will be jailed.

End corruption in Sheriffs Office and Government as a whole.

No more deaths due to cruel and unusual punishment.

No more hiring family.

Dorsey will reduce the Sheriff’s pay by over $100,000 and provide jobs to Richmonders.



The US and Virginia Constitution supersede any unlawful statutes illegally used by government officials. A record amount of individual lives have been lost at the Richmond Jail due to violations of Amendment VIII of US Constitution. The cruel and unusual punishment doled out at the Richmond city jail includes inhumane conditions for employees and inmates, 125 degree summer temperatures in the jail, withholding water/medication, beatings/rapes by employees and staff at the jail, and deadly disease that spreads like wildfire at the unconstitutional facility.

The US has the largest prison population on earth, the Richmond is dangerously overcrowded.  As Sheriff, Dorsey will implement policies that will restore the rule of law and civil rights while ensuring the safety of citizens, deputies and inmates.

When Dorsey is Sheriff, the Richmond Jail will not incarcerate those with non-violent drug charges.  The so called war on drugs is a war on the people and the Constitution, which has created the largest prison population ever. This is an ironic fact because it is the institutions that control the US Government like  the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, and Federal Reserve Bank that run the international drug trade. Documents show that illicit drugs are brought into the Richmond Jail by employees of CT Woody.  It is bad policy to lock up citizens for possessing a substance that the Sheriff and his employees are bringing into the jail.